Christmas is Love

Christmas Is Love2B1Love
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Texas Children's Hospital

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Contributing Musicians:

Ange Kogutz - Lead vocals
Micah Wagner - Technical Producer and Engineer, guitars, bass, backing vocals, drums, percussion-
Dave Lovett - piano and Hammond B3 organ -
Gloria Uridel - backing vocals
Mark Uridel - Executive Producer, backing vocals, electric guitar
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We are 2B1Love

A Love Offering

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Contributing Musicians:

Micah Wagner - producer, guitars, backing vocals, percussion
Dave Lovett - bass, piano and keyboards, backing vocals
Ravi Teja Nulu - tabla
Gloria Uridel - vocals
Danny Levin - strings
Zenith Anderson - backing vocals
Nikki Jensen - backing vocals
Jessica Best - backing vocals
Mark Uridel - executive producer, lead vocals, harmonium, electric sitar
Children's Choir - Blaine Lovett, Lorilei Knickerbocker, Layla Taylor, Kameron Taylor, Tessa Pillette
thanks for helping us help the children!